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#include <libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs-file-size.h>
#ifdef HAVE_EXIF
#include <libexif/exif-data.h>
#include "eog-image.h"
#ifdef HAVE_LCMS
#include <lcms.h>

typedef enum {
} EogImageStatus;
struct _EogImagePrivate {
      GnomeVFSURI *uri;
      EogImageStatus status;

      GdkPixbuf *image;
      GdkPixbuf *thumbnail;
      gint width;
      gint height;
      GnomeVFSFileSize bytes;
      char *file_type;

      guchar  *exif_chunk; /* holds EXIF raw data */
      guint    exif_chunk_len;
      guchar  *iptc_chunk; /* holds IPTC raw data */
      guint    iptc_chunk_len;
#ifdef HAVE_EXIF
      ExifData *exif;      /* this is mutual exclusive to exif_chunk. Only 
                        * either of these are not NULL:
#ifdef HAVE_LCMS
      cmsHPROFILE profile;

      gint thumbnail_id;
      gboolean modified;

      gchar *caption;
      gchar *caption_key;

      GThread *load_thread;
      GMutex *mutex;
      GMutex *status_mutex;
      GCond  *load_finished;
      gboolean cancel_loading;
      float progress; /* Range from [0.0...1.0] indicate the progress of 
                     actions in percent */

      char *error_message;
      /* stack of transformations recently applied */
      GList *undo_stack;
      /* composition of all applied transformations */
      EogTransform *trans;

      guint data_ref_count;

void eog_image_free_mem_private (EogImage *image);

#endif /* _EOG_IMAGE_PRIVATE_H_ */

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