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#ifndef __EGG_RECENT_ITEM_H__
#define __EGG_RECENT_ITEM_H__

#include <time.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <glib-object.h>


#define EGG_TYPE_RECENT_ITEM       (egg_recent_item_get_type ())

      g_list_foreach (list, (GFunc)egg_recent_item_unref, NULL); \
      g_list_free (list);

typedef struct _EggRecentItem EggRecentItem;

struct _EggRecentItem {
      /* do not access any of these directly */
      gchar *uri;
      gchar *mime_type;
      time_t timestamp;

      gboolean private_data;

      GList *groups;
      int refcount;

GType       egg_recent_item_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST;

/* constructors */
EggRecentItem * egg_recent_item_new (void);

EggRecentItem *   egg_recent_item_ref (EggRecentItem *item);
EggRecentItem *   egg_recent_item_unref (EggRecentItem *item);

/* automatically fetches the mime type, etc */
EggRecentItem * egg_recent_item_new_from_uri (const gchar *uri);

gboolean egg_recent_item_set_uri (EggRecentItem *item, const gchar *uri);
gchar * egg_recent_item_get_uri (const EggRecentItem *item);
gchar * egg_recent_item_get_uri_utf8 (const EggRecentItem *item);
gchar * egg_recent_item_get_uri_for_display (const EggRecentItem *item);
gchar * egg_recent_item_get_short_name (const EggRecentItem *item);

void egg_recent_item_set_mime_type (EggRecentItem *item, const gchar *mime);
gchar * egg_recent_item_get_mime_type (const EggRecentItem *item);

void egg_recent_item_set_timestamp (EggRecentItem *item, time_t timestamp);
time_t egg_recent_item_get_timestamp (const EggRecentItem *item);

G_CONST_RETURN gchar *egg_recent_item_peek_uri (const EggRecentItem *item);

/* groups */
G_CONST_RETURN GList *  egg_recent_item_get_groups (const EggRecentItem *item);

gboolean       egg_recent_item_in_group (const EggRecentItem *item,
                                 const gchar *group_name);

void           egg_recent_item_add_group (EggRecentItem *item,
                                  const gchar *group_name);

void           egg_recent_item_remove_group (EggRecentItem *item,
                                     const gchar *group_name);

void           egg_recent_item_set_private (EggRecentItem *item,
                                    gboolean priv);

gboolean       egg_recent_item_get_private (const EggRecentItem *item);


#endif /* __EGG_RECENT_ITEM_H__ */

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